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VMA is built on a foundation of committees dedicated to improving and supporting the maritime industry. As a member, you will be given the opportunity to become involved in many ways, such as joining a committee or offering to be a sponsor for our events.

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VMA's diverse committee structure allows members to address any subject relating to port operations and waterborne commerce, such as:

  • Encouraging efficiencies, enhancements and planning.
  • Coordinating liaison to the public and all levels of government, presenting and advocating the ports.
  • Educating the maritime community on port issues through events and publications.
  • Fostering stronger growth of the ports and Virginia‚Äôs maritime-related business community.


  • 2020
    To work on activities that surround the centennial celebration.
  • Awards and Memorial
    Responsible for recognizing maritime achievements and distinguished service and maintaining the Scholarship Fund at Old Dominion University.
  • Board of Directors
    The Board of Directors shall have general supervision over all the affairs of the Association including the filling of vacancies in the offices and directorate.
  • By-Laws
    Sets forth rules and guidelines for operating the Association, a non-profit, non-stock, civic and trade corporation.
  • Cargo Owners 
    Provide a forum for cargo owners to discuss issues of concern and interest related to importing and exporting their goods through the ports of Virginia.
  • Coal
    Responsible for all coal related activities and issues in the ports of Virginia. 
  • Commerce Development  
    Responsible for promoting the maritime industry and interacting with business and economic development organizations to attract trade and shipping through Virginia's ports.
  • Communications and Outreach 
    Responsible for increasing awareness of the Association in the Virginia General Assembly, United States Congress and the general public.
  • Education and Training
    Responsible for building and strengthening partnerships with organizations that will collaborate with the commercial maritime industry to deliver training, retention and development programs necessary to meet the workforce needs to improve competitiveness and increase trade through Virginia's ports.
  • Environmental Awareness 
    Responsible for coordinating environmental compliance within the ports of Virginia. 
  • Events: Annual Banquet 
    Plans and organizes the premier event for Virginia's maritime industry.
  • Events: International Trade Symposium
    Plans and organizes the International Trade Symposium.
  • Events: Maritime Briefings
    Responsible for arranging speakers to talk periodically in an open forum and to advise members on the current maritime issues and concerns facing Virginia's ports and maritime industry.
  • Events: Outings
    Responsible for planning and organizing the Golf Outing, Maritime Mixers, and other special events during the year.
  • Executive
    Shall have all the powers of the Directors between meetings of the Board. 
  • Finance Ways & Means
    Responsible for reporting the financial position of the Association to the Board of Directors. 
  • Fire Protection and Hazardous Cargo
    Responsible for coordinating efforts within the region to adequately respond to any maritime incident and for keeping the Port abreast of the current guidelines for safe transportation of hazardous cargo.
  • Freight Forwarders & Customhouse Brokers
    Responsible for monitoring issues directly impacting the FF & CCB, implementating a container booking system to improve gate transaction time and work on PortMaster, an internet based application essential to efficient maritime operations. 
  • Harbor-Anchorage Dredging and Navigation Rules
    Responsible for making recommendations to the Navigation Management Plan, promoting Virginia's dredging programs, and coordinating safety of navigation issues.
  • Inland Transportation
    Responsible for monitoring trucking conditions and operations to include recommendations to improve road worthiness, maintenance of intermodal equipment and throughput and turnaround time of cargo. 
  • Membership
    Responsible for increasing and expanding membership opportunities, sending out promotional materials, supplying information and education about the port and our activities and other innovative marketing initiatives.
  • Port Security
    Responsible for coordinating efforts between government and industry stakeholders to improve port security readiness, prepare and respond to security incidents and emergencies, and foster improved communications and relationships. 
  • Ship Operators & Agents 
    Responsible for addressing issues which facilitate Hampton Roads as the most cost effective port and improving productivity at all terminals. 
  • Strategic Planning
    Tasks and goals include long range (3-5 year) planning, focusing on special action plans and expanding opportunities to utilize technology. 
  • Terminal Operators
    Responsible for improving terminal operations and maximizing efficiency, excluding coal.
  • Towing & Barge Operators
    Plans Towing Vessel Safety Seminar with the USCG, coordinates movement of cargo via barges, recommendations for safe passage for waterborne traffic with regard to bridges and addressing navigation safety concerns regarding new waterfront development.
  • Warehousemen
    Responsible for coordinating the use of warehouse space for temporarily storing imports and exports

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