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“VMA2020 is recognition of the industry…of how important the maritime industry is to the local economy, the State’s economy, and benefiting our National economy as well.”
-Art Moye Jr., Past Executive Vice President.

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The Virginia Maritime Association was founded in 1920 and has led, lobbied for, or influenced every major development related to the port or trade over the last 100 years…always working to promote, protect, and encourage commerce through Virginia’s ports. This is a mission we will continue to serve. (Check Out History Highlights)

The VMA has evolved from a Hampton Roads organization involved in solely vessels and waterfront interests, to an organization with a statewide membership, connecting and representing port supply chain interests in every corner of the Commonwealth…from farmers and manufacturers, to waterfront marine highways, to distant markets. Our statewide regional chapters allow our members to connect with each other, participate in activities, be better informed, and address issues in their regions.

February 13, 2020…mark that day. It will be our Centennial Anniversary, kicking off 100 days of celebrating “100 years of Proudness in our Port and Our Industry.” Our industry contributes to the economic well being of the Commonwealth and an even brighter future for our port’s supply chain industry.

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February 13, 2020
The Downtown Marriott
Richmond, VA
VMA's 100th Anniversary Reception
The official 100th Anniversary of the Virginia Maritime Association will be celebrated in Richmond. The reception will include a signing ceremony where distinguished guests and sponsors will sign a charter much like the one signed 100 years ago establishing the Association. Will your name be read in 100 years from now?
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September 23, 2020
Hilton The Main
Norfolk, VA
The VMA2020 After Party!
Attendees of the VMA's Symposium's 100th Annual Maritime Banquet are invited to attend the VMA2020 After Party, featuring a big band, refreshments, and dancing! Don't forget to bring your dancing shoews and tux or dress!
This officially marks the finale of the VMA2020 statewide receptions tour.
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What does 100 Years of Maritime Industry Growth Mean to You?

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“I saw Sea-Land on the side of a box in Appalachia, VA... about as far west as you can get and I pointed out that it had come from the port of Hampton Roads. That was evidence of how important the port was to the entire state."
- Former Virginia Governor Linwood Holton

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Ashley McLeod

Ashley McLeod

Vice President of Communications and Membership
Virginia Maritime Association
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