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A Historic Signing Ceremony Amongst VMA Members, Industry Partners, and Friends

VMA's 100th Anniversary Reception | February 13 | Richmond


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Celebrating 100 Years of Maritime Industry Growth

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The Virginia Maritime Association (VMA), standing side-by-side with its members since February 13, 1920, has built a maritime, logistics, and trade community that would band together through the Prohibition, the Great Depression, World War II, and other times of challenge, change, and success. The Association is built on a foundation of partnership, camaraderie, and the willingness to stand alongside even competitors to help promote, protect, and encourage commerce through Virginia’s ports.

“VMA has had a tremendous impact not only in this region, but in our state. Some people think that VMA is Hampton Roads, but it’s for the state of Virginia,” says Morgan Davis, President of TowneBank, the Title sponsor for VMA2020 Anniversary events.

VMA is proud of the impact our association has had on industry growth and excited to see where the next century will take us.

In honor of its 100 years, the Association held a reception on its birthday, February 13, 2020, inviting VMA leadership to sign a Centennial Charter and launch the next century of growth. The document mirrors the original charter, signed 100 years prior to the day by 56 business leaders, establishing the Association.

VMA 100th Anniversary Reception
Ashley McLeod with Mary Anne Strickland

Nearly double the number of signatures can be read on the new centennial document. These names include members of the Board of Directors and Officers, Past Executive Vice Presidents, Chapter Chairs, and VMA2020 anniversary sponsors. One of the signers, Mary Anne Strickland, signed on behalf of her late grandfather, Harry M. Thompson, the first Executive Vice President of the VMA. Harry Thompson believed that “the prosperity of Virginia’s ports is important to the prosperity of all of Virginia.”

“I have great pride in what my grandfather created. He was honest, fair, compassionate, and a visionary,” Stickland said.

“At some point tonight, I hope you will look at the charter signed 100 years ago by our founding members,” said David White, the current Executive Vice President of the VMA.  “They could not have known what our port and industry would look like today – and we can’t know what it will look like 100 years from now...but as our industry continues to evolve, the Virginia Maritime Association will remain at the forefront, steering and shaping our future…always with a commitment to our mission, our members, and to our commonwealth.”

VMA 100th Anniversary Reception
David White, John Milliken,  Gov. Ralph Northam, & Mike Coleman

VMA’s anniversary has drawn together association members from around the state, and attracted the attention from Delegates, Senators, and Governor Ralph Northam. Letters from these officials will be published in the upcoming VMA2020 Commemorative book. It will be distributed during future 100th anniversary events.

For those interested in viewing the two charter documents below in-person, feel free to stop by the main office at 236 East Plume Street, Norfolk, VA.


VMA's 100th Anniversary Reception VMA's 100th Anniversary Reception


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Through VMA events, I have gained a greater depth of knowledge of the industry. There is no comparison to seeing an ultra-large container vessel up close in-person, unloading at a marine terminal."
- Marissa Henderson, Ventker Henderson PLLC

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