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VMA2020 is About Support

“Host decided to sponsor VMA’s 2020 effort to thank the VMA for many years of support of our company, for helping us get to be the company we are today, and to encourage and support us as we grow, even outside of the state of Virginia,” shares Kesley Host of T Parker Host.

T. Parker Host is Data Driven and Poised for 2020 and Beyond

The VMA and T. Parker Host have a long history in the Hampton Roads maritime industry. In 1923, just a few years after the founding of today’s VMA, T. Parker Host Sr. started the shipping agency that still bears his name.

The company’s namesake was a local fixture, serving as vice mayor and mayor of Newport News, and overseas in both World Wars. His core principles still guide the company today, even as it has expanded from agency business to include terminal operations, stevedoring and marine assets.

Kelsey Host, part of the fourth generation to run the company, touts the instrumental role the VMA played over the decades as Host became a fixture on the Norfolk waterfront and beyond. “The VMA has helped our company through the years to develop connections and build a network that has helped us to grow,” says Ms. Host. “We continue to value the networking opportunities like the Future Leaders program.” The long, shared history is part of the reason why the company is proud to support the VMA’s 2020 anniversary celebration as a Celebration sponsor ($10,000).

Today, Host operates in 30 locations along the East Coast, in the Gulf of Mexico and in Colombia. Recently the company acquired Avondale Shipyard, an iconic, 254-acre operation in the New Orleans area with over a mile of waterfront on the Mississippi. Under the newly-formed Avondale Marine, LLC, the company plans to redevelop the site’s crane, dock and terminal assets while connecting global waterborne commerce with manufacturing, fabrication and distribution facilities onshore.

Every day, the 500-plus employees at T. Parker Host are focused on the future of the maritime industry. With a data-driven approach to the industry and a desire to provide real, often out-of-the-box solutions for its customers, the Host team works hard to streamline how cargo moves from point to point and find efficiencies at every turn.

The VMA is proud to be a trusted resource and ally for Host – then, now and into the future.

"The long, shared history is part of the reason why the company is proud to support the VMA’s 2020 anniversary celebration"

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