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"VMA has had tremendous impact not only in this region, but in our state. Some people think that VMA is Hampton Roads, but it's for the state of Virginia," says Morgan Davis, President of TowneBank.

"When we think about our bank and where we are in Richmond, Hampton Roads, and other parts of Virginia. There are 70,000 jobs related to the maritime industry. If the maritime industry is doing well, our company is doing well.

"The Virginia Maritime Association is in our blood and we are proud to be a sponsor particularly of the one hundredth anniversary."

TowneBank Proud to be Title Sponsor for VMA2020

Morgan Davis, TowneBank President & CEO, knows the importance of the maritime industry to Hampton Roads. In fact, the port is connected to one of his earliest memories as a young professional in the region.

“When I was a young banker in the 70’s, I worked in downtown Norfolk,” recalls Davis. “The first thing the bank had me join was the Harbor Club, which was filled with maritime members. That’s when I learned how important the maritime industry is.”

Now, in 2019, Davis is president of one of the region’s (and the state’s) most prominent banks. We are proud to announce that TowneBank has agreed to be the title sponsor for VMA 2020, the association’s 100th anniversary.

“We are honored that TowneBank has stepped up to the plate to be part of this commemoration,” says David White, Executive Vice President of the VMA. “Towne has been a supporter of VMA for many years and it’s clear the bank understands the importance of the port industry.”

“There are 70,000 jobs related to the maritime industry,” says Morgan Davis. “Many of TowneBank’s members employ those people. It makes perfect sense to help the VMA celebrate 100 years.”

TowneBank has a long history with the Port of Virginia and has partnered with many maritime members over the decades. TowneBank executive chairman Bob Aston helped oppose the plan in 2012 to privatize the port, which may have limited future business that maritime companies could generate.

VMA2020 will feature a variety of events for members in Hampton Roads and within chapters across the Commonwealth. One of the highlights will be a special signing ceremony at the state capitol in February 2020. VMA2020 sponsors, led by TowneBank, and political leaders will be among those signing a new charter for the next 100 years of the VMA, similar to the one signed by the inaugural association members in 1920.

“The Maritime Association is in our blood,” says Davis. “We (TowneBank) are proud to be a sponsor, particularly in the hundredth anniversary of the VMA.”

“The Maritime Association is in our blood. We are proud to be a sponsor, particularly in the hundredth anniversary of the VMA.”
- Morgan Davis, President, TowneBank

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