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"We're very happy to be celebrating VMA2020 and 100 years of this organization. Not every organization is around for a hundred years. That really speaks to importance of this area and the importance of this association...and what it has done and what it can do for members. It's clearly shown that it has a clear benefit and it will for some time to come, so we are very happy to celebrate that with the association," said Ken Joyner, Group V.P., International Intermodal for Norfolk Southern.



Norfolk Southern Rail & Virginia's Port


When you read the words Virginia Maritime Association (VMA), you might only conjure images of water and ships.

But the railways play a huge role in the maritime industry, and that’s why, for decades, Norfolk Southern has been a proud member and active supporter of the VMA.

So many of the goods we buy come and go through the Port of Virginia by rail. And since the 19 th century, Norfolk Southern has been a leader in the railroad industry.

From the early days of the VMA (then the Norfolk Maritime Exchange) in the 1920s through today, Norfolk Southern has relied on a robust port economy to import/export goods and deliver on time for its clients.

Today, Norfolk Southern operates approximately 19,500 route miles in 22 states and the District of Columbia, serves every major container port in the eastern United States and provides connections to other rail carriers.

And with more than 27,000 employees, Norfolk Southern’s extensive network reaches over 50% of the US population with respect to manufacturing and energy consumption.

Much of that impact begins right here in the Commonwealth.

“A significant part of our business is handled out of the Port of Virginia, and we deliver goods to places like Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Chicago and beyond,” says Ken Joyner, Group Vice President International Intermodal and Automotive. “It’s vitally important for the port industry to remain strong and protected.”

Joyner also feels membership in the VMA is essential for networking and business development.

“It can be easy to only work within our own industry, and the VMA connects us with people involved in every facet of port operation,” says Joyner. “The VMA is an ideal place to develop new relationships and stay current on the maritime industry.”

In particular, Joyner and Norfolk Southern appreciate the VMA’s push for “Wider, Deeper, Safer” to allow ever larger ships to access the port. 

Despite Norfolk Southern’s planned move from Norfolk to Atlanta, the company will maintain a presence in our region at the port as well as on the rails and at Lambert’s Point.

And Norfolk Southern intends to remain a steadfast member of the VMA.

Norfolk Southern congratulates the VMA on 100 years and looks forward to celebrating the occasion in May!

"It can be easy to only work within our own industry, and the VMA connects us with people involved in every facet of port operation"

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Ashley McLeod

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