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"I wanted to say thank you to the VMA for helping our industry, our motor carriers for having a seat at the table. We all appreciate everything that you've done. Congratulations to 100 years and we look forward to celebrating with you," said Stacey Gilliland-Bolen, Terminal Manager for Gilco Trucking Company.

Gilco Trucking Keeps on Rolling Thanks to Steady Leadership and Efforts of the VMA


At Gilco Trucking Company Norfolk Virginia, business in the maritime industry is a family affair.

For the past 45 years, the company has been a local / over the road intermodal container operation, transporting everything from marble, furniture, engines, tobacco, seafood and sweet potatoes to and from the Port of Virginia by truck.

Founded by Tom Gilliland in 1976, the firm soon came into the possession of Tom’s wife, Shirley Gilliland Roebuck. For 40+ years, Shirley has guided Gilco and became a fierce advocate for women in leadership positions in the maritime community and for her Owner- Operators to earn an honest wage.

“My mom broke the ceiling in the maritime industry,” says Stacey Gilliland-Bolen, Gilco vice president. “Shirley was the first female member of The Propeller Club, and everyone treated her with the respect she deserved.”

Stacey added: “You could hear my mom screaming from down the street when she was on the phone protecting the rights of her workers.”

Shirley has had to step back from Gilco, and Stacey has been managing for the past ten years. However, Stacey still uses Shirley’s office, which is full of history, mementos and awards from her long and distinguished career.

Gilco is proud to sponsor the VMA’s 100th anniversary because of the history and mutual respect the company shares with the association.

Stacey recalls the many times Shirley traveled to Richmond with former VMA Executive Vice President Art Moye to educate legislators on the needs of the port community. Shirley (and now Stacey) have also partnered with the VMA to increase the talent pool of military veterans men and women alike who can transition to truck driving after their service to Our Country.

Even on the day before Thanksgiving, the Gilco dispatcher and Stacey's husband, David Bolen was hard at work directing truckers this way and that across Hampton Roads.

“My mom broke the ceiling in the maritime industry. Shirley was the first female member of The Propeller Club, and everyone treated her with the respect she deserved.”


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