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VMA2020 is a "Must-Do"

“The future of this port is just as important as the past. The 2020 program is going to drive a bit of attention to the VMA and the good work that it is doing to promote this port," says Mike Coleman, President and CEO of CV International.

"[VMA2020] is a must-do to get that kind of exposure and to help the VMA continue their mission of promoting this port.”

CV International Plays Many Roles Each Day in Virginia’s Maritime Industry

Whether a ship (and its cargo) comes or goes from the Port of Virginia, CV International is often involved. CVI, as its president and CEO Mike Coleman explains, is a “travel agent for freight” and the “eyes, ears, and voice” for cargo interests. The company provides global logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, and ship agency services for clients around the world.

Wayne Coleman, now the chairman, founded the business in the 1980s. He and Mike oversee a team of 70 employees. CV International operates as two entities, CVI and Capes Shipping Agencies.

Capes handles ship agency and bulk freight forwarding, with special expertise in coal exports. As a ship agency, Capes arranges for the needs of a ship while it’s in port, serves as liaison to the ship’s owner or charterer and even handles on-the-ground tasks like paying the crew.

CV International is attuned to the complex supply chain needs of its customers and ensures their products reach end users domestically and overseas. The company maintains its headquarters in Norfolk, with branch offices located in Wilmington, DE; Baltimore, MD; Charlotte, NC; Morehead City, NC; Wilmington, NC; and Atlanta, GA.

Wayne and Mike are proud to support the 100th anniversary celebration for the VMA as a Celebration Sponsor. “We work in ports across the country. The Port of Virginia has a level of cooperation we don’t see elsewhere,” says Mike. “The VMA has a lot to do with that.”

Wayne agrees, “There’s a special camaraderie among port-related businesses in Virginia. Everyone looks out for each other and works together to make sure cargo moves efficiently.”

And the industry’s influence is growing. “When I attended my first VMA Port Day in Richmond, we were greeted by legislators from our region,” says Mike. “Today, elected officials from across the state come and talk to us because they understand so much of the state’s commerce flows through the Port. That’s a credit to the VMA.”

The father-son team sees only opportunity at state terminals and other maritime facilities in the coming years, and they know the VMA will remain a critical partner.

““The future of the Port is just as important as the past.” ”
CV International

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