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“The VMA is the voice of the port and they work for the collective good of everybody in the port...whether you are stevedore or longshoreman or terminal operator, they are working in everybody’s best interest,” explains George Brown, President and CEO of CP&O.

Norfolk-Based CP&O Ready for the Next 100 Years of Business at the Port of Virginia

George Brown has seen a lot of break bulk and cargo pass through the Port of Virginia in his 42-year career. As president and CEO of CP&O, a stevedoring company based in Norfolk, Brown’s team provides labor that handles cargo from a vessel to a point of rest or vice versa.

Through all the years, he’s thankful for the VMA’s leadership and advocacy to protect its members’ interests. That’s why CP&O proudly supports the VMA’s 2020 Celebration and 100th anniversary as a Centennial Sponsor ($15,000).

“The VMA is the voice of the port, and they work for the collective good of everyone,” said Brown. Brown highlighted the VMA’s efforts to keep the port from becoming privatized in 2009. Now, companies like CP&O can continue their commerce with shipping lines and other entities in and around the port.

Brown says CP&O often collaborates with the VMA and the Hampton Roads Shipping Association to ensure stevedoring and other maritime industries stay robust and in demand. CP&O has been a fixture at the port since 1976. Today the company has 15 full-time employees and 75-300 longshoremen in its “house gangs” every day. The “house gangs” work as separate units to take cargo on and off ships.

On any given week, the longshoremen could move containers, automobiles and even locomotives. Brown has a planned two-week trip to Asia this fall to meet with clients and keep business rolling along for CP&O.

“With the VMA as a steadfast partner, the future looks bright."

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Ashley McLeod

Ashley McLeod

Vice President of Communications and Membership
Virginia Maritime Association
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