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VMA2020 is a "Must-Do"

“I’m proud to support the 2020 campaign because the Virginia Maritime Association has done a lot of hard work since 1920 to establish the Port of Virginia as one of the premiere ports on the East Coast and in the United States," shares Rob Robins, Senior Vice President of Bay Diesel & Generator.

"Although in order to continue to maintain that strength, it takes funding and it takes support…and [VMA2020] is something that we are happy to put our dollars towards.”

Bay Diesel Sees Bright Future at the Port Today, Tomorrow and Years Down the Road

As Rob Robins watches plans unfold to deepen the channel into the Port of Virginia, he’s ready for what’s to come. During and after the dredging, Bay Diesel will be in demand. The Chesapeake-based company provides engines and power systems (parts, service and new equipment) to customers like container ships, government vessels and tug boats. Bay Diesel also services land-based companies with backup power systems.

When the deeper channel welcomes bigger ships, the need for engines and power systems will increase. For Robins, the company’s senior vice president, and his 60-person team, it’s more important than ever to support the work of the VMA and maintain a vibrant port. That’s why Bay Diesel is proud to be a Centennial Sponsor ($15,000) of the VMA’s 2020 Celebration and 100th  anniversary.

Robins joined Bay Diesel in 2003 and, when he first attended VMA events, he used the group mainly for business networking. As time went on, he understood the VMA’s value at the local, state and national levels to protect the port and help it grow.

“I have seen up close the important work the VMA does to make sure all of our elected officials understand the importance of the port today and why it should remain healthy for the next 100 years,” said Robins.

Robins believes the VMA has a lot “horsepower” with respect to decision making and what the future holds for the port. Deepening the channel will create a positive ripple effect on businesses directly and indirectly related to maritime commerce. Bay Diesel will be ready and so will the VMA.

“The efforts of the VMA are essential to our business and the entire maritime industry now and for years to come.”
Bay Diesel & Generator

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Ashley McLeod

Ashley McLeod

Vice President of Communications and Membership
Virginia Maritime Association
(757) 628-2678

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