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June 22, 2023


Amanda Rutherford, Gateway Director Mid-Atlantic, USDOT, shared the following grant opportunities. Applicants are encouraged to watch any webinars/recordings prior to submittals.

1. The RAISE Grants should be announced soon, and the PIDP grants are working through the review process. If you were not selected, then you can request a grant application debrief meeting.

2. The INFRA/MEGA/RURAL grant Notice of Funding Opportunity should be announced soon. Click here for a link to that program website.

3. PROTECT Grant Program - Grants Due August 18, 2023, Click here for the Fact Sheet. 

The vision of the PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program is to fund projects that address the climate crisis by improving the resilience of the surface transportation system, including highways, public transportation, ports, and intercity passenger rail. Projects selected under this Program should be grounded in the best available scientific understanding of climate change risks, impacts, and vulnerabilities. They should support the continued operation or rapid recovery of crucial local, regional, or national surface transportation facilities. Furthermore, selected projects should utilize innovative and collaborative approaches to risk reduction, including the use of natural infrastructure, which is explicitly eligible under the ProgramThis NOFO is for the discretionary portion of PROTECT. It will result in the distribution of up to $848 million for the PROTECT Discretionary Grant Program through a competitive discretionary grant process. NOFO Link: View Opportunity

4. Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program - requires no local match.

The U.S. Department of Transportation’s (DOT’s) Build America Bureau (the Bureau) today released a Notice of Funding Opportunity for a new pilot program created by the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. The Rural and Tribal Assistance Pilot Program offers technical assistance grants to rural and tribal communities. The Program makes $10 million available over five years to advance infrastructure projects in these communities.

Eligible project sponsors may receive grant funds to select advisors to assist with:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Project planning
  • Revenue forecasting and funding and financing options analyses
  • Preliminary engineering and design work
  • Environmental review
  • Economic assessments and cost-benefit analyses
  • Public benefits studies
  • Technical, legal, and financial advisory assistance
  • Evaluate potential projects to be delivered through alternative delivery through alternative delivery methods

5. Environmental Protection Agency Clean Ports

The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 provides EPA with $3 billion to fund zero-emission port equipment and technology and to help ports develop climate action plans to reduce air pollutants at U.S. ports. This new funding program will build on EPA’s Ports Initiative that helps our nation’s ports, a critical part of our infrastructure and supply chain, address public health and environmental impacts on surrounding communities Clean Ports Program | US EPA

For situational awareness, email Ms. Rutherford if you are submitting a grant application. If you have questions or need submission advice, please email her as well.


Amanda Rutherford

Maritime Administration of USDOT

Gateway Director Mid-Atlantic


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